Unattended Death Cleanup and Suicide Cleanup in Pittsburgh, Beaver, Carnegie, Washington, Uniontown, Butler, Waynesburg, Greensburg, Indiana, Kittanning, Oakdale, PA, and Southwest Pennsylvania Surrounding Areas

An unexpected death can leave you shaken, especially if you discover the body after it’s had time to decompose.

Unattended death cleanup is something that the deceased’s family members should never have to deal with. If you find yourself in this overwhelming situation, rather give the trained professionals at DASH Bio-Recovery a call.

We specialize in unattended death cleanup throughout several cities in Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, Beaver, Carnegie, Oakdale, McMurray, Sturgeon, and the surrounding areas. These death scenes can be particularly gruesome because of bodily fluids, maggots, and decomposition flies. Our professionals undergo intense training to handle these difficult scenes with care.

We always keep safety as a top priority since several biohazards are present in every unattended death scene. It’s crucial to stay away from the area until our crew arrives and secures it. We carry the proper equipment to remove biohazards safely and sanitize the area.

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Decomposition Cleanup

The main component of unattended death cleanup is dealing with human decomposition.

When a dead body remains unattended and unpreserved for a period of time, it decays and releases bodily fluids. Depending on the location of the body, the fluids could seep into the floor or nearby surfaces.

Only highly-trained professionals can handle decomposition cleanup because the entire property becomes unsafe. Regular household cleaning products won’t do the trick, so we use hospital-grade cleaning solutions that sanitize and decontaminate death scenes and the spaces around them. As we go through the cleaning process, we also safely dispose of all medical waste to mitigate the threat of biohazards.

Odor Abatement

Decaying human remains will typically give off distinct and very unpleasant odors.

That’s why every unattended death cleanup includes our custom odor abatement service. The DASH Bio-Recovery experts use advanced technology and methods to not just mask odors but remove them.

These deodorizing and removal techniques include the following:

  • Electronic air purifiers
  • Enzyme digesters
  • Pairing agents
  • Filtration agents

Rather than covering up the smell like an air freshener does, we attack and destroy odor particles by altering their molecular composition. We don’t leave any site until we remove all traces of foul odors and the area is free of all biohazards.

Unattended death scenes can be difficult to clean up and deodorize, but DASH Bio-Recovery is the most qualified biohazard cleanup company serving Pittsburgh, Beaver, Carnegie, Oakdale, McMurray, Sturgeon, PA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us, and know that you’ll have a professional biohazard company on hand to handle any unattended death cleanup efforts with care and expertise.

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