Odor Abatement & Professional Odor Removal in Pittsburgh, Carnegie, McMurray, Washington, Beaver, Uniontown, Butler, Waynesburg, Greensburg, Indiana, Kittanning, Oakdale, Sturgeon, PA, and Southwest Pennsylvania Surrounding Areas

Professional Odor Removal Services

Certain biohazards like sewage and mold can cause unpleasant odors to fill any impacted space.

When you notice a lingering bad smell on your property, reach out to DASH Bio-Recovery for our comprehensive odor abatement and odor removal services. We can address any odor problem for clients in Pittsburgh, Beaver, Carnegie, Oakdale, McMurray, Sturgeon, PA, and all of the surrounding areas.

DASH Bio-Recovery’s trained professionals use more than just powerful masking agents to get rid of foul odors within homes and commercial and industrial properties. The right equipment tackles these unpleasant smells at their source. That’s why our odor abatement services can tackle odors due to the following:

  • Smoke and tobacco
  • Animal feces
  • Decomposition
  • Sewage
  • Mold and mildew and more

Let our team step in with proven methods to lift any unpleasant odors from your space for good.

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Odor Abatment

With our odor abatement and removal services, we can soon have any property smelling fresh and clean.

Our experts employ several techniques to effectively deodorize spaces, including incorporating the following odor-busting methods:

  • Masking agents
  • Pairing agents
  • Filtration agents
  • Oxidation
  • Enzyme digesters
  • Air purification

We don’t come in, spray an air freshener, and then pass off the job as complete. Instead, when you call our experts, we’ll use science to figure out the best way to remove stubborn odors. Our approach even includes targeting the molecules of specific odor particles to alter them or using electronic air purifiers to destroy any particles that pass through the filter.

Is the odor specific to a soft surface, within the walls, or airborne? It doesn’t matter; we have the tools and techniques to make your entire space smell clean again.

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Biohazard Remediation Services

Of course, when sewage, waste, or bodily fluids infiltrate your space, they don’t just leave unpleasant odors behind; they present biohazards. Ignoring them for too long also poses significant health threats. So, along with odor removal, we also offer biohazard remediation services across Pittsburgh, Beaver, Carnegie, Oakdale, McMurray, Sturgeon, PA, and all of the surrounding areas.

Before our team eliminates odors, it’s critical that we assess the biohazards within a space. We’ll evaluate the contamination level, contain harmful pathogens, and apply industrial-strength disinfectants. Plus, this process includes deodorization so that you can have a cleaner, safer space.

Don’t wait to call for help when biohazards impact your property and leave a nasty stench; contact DASH Bio-Recovery right away for odor abatement and odor removal services. 

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