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A crime happens, such as a shooting, and the police do their job of collecting evidence, asking questions, and generally trying to find answers to the event in Beaver, Carnegie, McMurray, Oakdale, Pittsburgh, Sturgeon, and the surrounding areas. But after the police are done, the mess remains, and that’s when you need a crime scene cleanup team from DASH Bio-Recovery. Our technicians have been properly trained on how to perform a crime scene cleanup, from dealing with blood and other bodily fluids to industrial chemicals as well as potentially infectious diseases and more. Call in our experienced team today when you have a crime scene cleanup need.

Following The Established Rules

When it comes to crime scene cleanups, it is important that whoever is performing the cleanup understand what measures need to be taken. We follow the guidelines that have been put forth by organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and others to ensure that all cleaning we do will result in the safe and proper handling of materials.

We always treat bodily fluids with the idea that they are potentially infectious and take the care to clean things so that others will not become infected. We are also certified by the American Bio-Recovery Association to perform biological decontamination services. Contact us as soon as you know that you have a crime scene cleanup and we will get to work as soon as the scene is released from investigation so you can get back to normal as well.

More Than Bodily Fluids

While some crime scene cleanup needs attention to bodily fluids and related substances, other crime scene cleanup situations require other special handling. It might be a room that has drug paraphernalia strewn around and some of those substances can be detrimental or even fatal if it comes in contact with a person’s skin. There could also be razor blades, needles, or other sharp objects that present a special set of issues to properly handle and dispose of.

Crime scene cleanups handled by DASH Bio-Recovery are done professionally to high standards. Our team and the results are why we continue to get referrals in Beaver, Carnegie, McMurray, Oakdale, Pittsburgh, Sturgeon, and the surrounding areas. Contact us 24/7 to schedule our team for your crime scene cleanup.

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