Blood Cleanup in Beaver, Carnegie, McMurray, Oakdale, Pittsburgh, Sturgeon, and the Surrounding Areas

Blood Cleanup in Car in Beaver, PA

When it comes to blood, care is an absolute necessity in Beaver, Carnegie, McMurray, Oakdale, Pittsburgh, Sturgeon, and the surrounding areas. Blood-borne pathogens can cause disease in others if precautions are not taken, and our team at DASH Bio-Recovery have all the necessary equipment to protect themselves as well as to properly dispose of the materials used on the blood cleanup. Unless you have been trained in blood cleanup steps and have the right tools, it is best to call in the experts to handle the cleaning and leave you with a usable space and objects. Contact us today to learn more.

What Is Needed For Blood Cleanup

When our team first arrives we will do a survey to understand the scope of the blood cleanup task. This provides us with information of just what protective gear that we will need, from gloves and masks to full gowns or more. If there are any sharp objects such as needles, razor blades, knives, and more, we will have a sharps container to have a location to place these.

Once our team is protected and the sharp objects are handled, it is time to start the cleaning with biohazard bags for other materials that will be disposed of. We will also use cleaners that have disinfectants and will follow the protocols that have been outlined by organizations such as the EPA and OSHA. Whatever protective gear that is used will also be disposed of properly, typically by incineration.

Understanding What Can Be Cleaned Versus Disposed Of

When looking at a blood cleanup situation, especially a large one due to a crime scene, suicide, or other event, it is important to understand what items can be cleaned and salvaged and what items are best to remove and dispose of. Porous materials, such as clothing, carpeting, and other surfaces that absorb liquids are usually best to dispose of. This is because it is very difficult to to clean and sanitize so that it is disease-free.

When you have an incident in Beaver, Carnegie, McMurray, Oakdale, Pittsburgh, Sturgeon, and the surrounding areas where a large amount of blood has been spilled, it is important that proper techniques and precautions are taken for the blood cleanup. Our team at DASH Bio-Recovery has been trained in the proper cleaning techniques and will help to restore things back to normal. Contact our team today for any blood cleanup scenario.

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