A Professional Solution to an
Unexpected Situation

We are a professional company that provides clean-up and proper removal of biological contaminants. Bringing the property back to a safe state and a sense of normalcy to the lives affected.

About D.A.S.H. Bio-Recovery

Our Response Crews are made up of professionals who have over 120 combined years of experience in the Public Safety industry. Our Technicians have worked as Firefighters, Police Officers and/or EMTs.

D.A.S.H. operates under OSHA Standards to maintain compliancy. We have performed clean-ups in all situations and use every job as a learning experience. Using experience, professionalism and sincerity, we pride ourselves on fulfilling the expectations of our customers.

This is a person to person business and we are exposed to people at possibly the worst time in their lives. For this, we use a caring, respectful approach while completing the task at hand.

Our Technicians are Certified and we are Fully Insured to perform these services.

Clients We Serve


We work with all major
Insurance Companies

Our Crews Respond Promptly
and Discretely in
Our Un-Marked Vehicles

24 Hour Response

We are currently not accepting applications for employment.

picture of D.A.S.H. Bio-Recovery staff - click for bigger version