A Professional Solution to an
Unexpected Situation

We are a professional company that provides clean-up and proper removal of biological contaminants. Bringing the property back to a safe state and a sense of normalcy to the lives affected.


Insurance Companies and Body Shops have already been inconvenienced as a result of the bio-hazardous condition of the vehicle. D.A.S.H. will eliminate the additional liabilities related to cleaning up the vehicle.

The cost of a lawsuit or compensation claim for an improper cleaning are many times greater than the costs of a proper recovery. The majority of vehicle recovery costs are covered under most insurance policies.

By using D.A.S.H., shop owners can avoid the legal liabilities associated with the violation of the OSHA Standards. OSHA requires that a company have in place a Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan, if even one employee can reasonably be expected to be exposed. Federal Regulation 29CFR1910.1030 states that no employee can be placed in a position to be exposed to blood spills without first:
  1. Recieving bloodborne pathogen (BBP) training.
  2. Having a written BBP exposure control plan
  3. Having been provided appropriate personal protective equipment
  4. Having been properly fitted and trained
  5. Having been offered the Hepatitis B Vaccine with exposure evaluation and medical follow-up
  6. Being provided with a method to remove and properly store the bio-hazardous waste in properly marked containers for disposal at an approved site
Only after these minimum steps have been met can an employee be required by their employer to clean a bio-hazardous scene. The costs of meeting these requirements can become very high.

The fines imposed by government agencies will be almost nothing compared to the costs of a lawsuit filed by an aggrieved employee. OSHA is very strict and responds rapidly to reported violations. OSHA fines can range from $10,000 to $70,000 for serious and willful violations of these standards.

D.A.S.H. will provide a discreet response in our unmarked vehicles.

D.A.S.H. will:


We work with all major
Insurance Companies

Our Crews Respond Promptly
and Discretely in
Our Un-Marked Vehicles

24 Hour Response

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