A Professional Solution to an
Unexpected Situation

We are a professional company that provides clean-up and proper removal of biological contaminants. Bringing the property back to a safe state and a sense of normalcy to the lives affected.

Police Decontamination

We know that sometimes you're prisoners do not behave properly and your property can be exposed to many types of body fluids. This is not only a health risk to future occupants, but exposes your officers and cleaning staff to these contaminants.

D.A.S.H. can properly disinfect and deodorize the following:

The cost for these services can be charged to the prisoner and added to their fines.

D.A.S.H. will:


We work with all major
Insurance Companies

Our Crews Respond Promptly
and Discretely in
Our Un-Marked Vehicles

24 Hour Response

We are currently not accepting applications for employment.

picture of D.A.S.H. Bio-Recovery staff - click for bigger version