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We are a professional company that provides clean-up and proper removal of biological contaminants. Bringing the property back to a safe state and a sense of normalcy to the lives affected.


It’s called Hoarding, Gross Filth, Compulsive Hoarding, Trash House, Clutter, Pack Rat, Distressed Properties, etc. What ever you want to call it, DASH can handle it! We will work with you or your loved one, to accomplish what seems to be an impossible feat.

Our professional, trained, non-judgmental Technicians will respond discreetly in our un-marked vehicles.

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Cleaning a property in this condition is a specialized cleaning procedure. We specialize in hoarding clean up, so let us provide you with any or all of the following services: Hoarding properties and non-living conditions pose a health risk, fire hazard, community stigma. Our Technicians will work with you to separate the items into 3 categories:

  1. Items to keep (valuables, necessities, sentimental items)
  2. Items to be recycled or donated
  3. Items to be disposed of
Medical professionals acknowledge a correlation between Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome and “OCD” or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is not limited to age, race or gender.

There are several levels of Hoarding as listed below:

Level I Hoarder

Household is considered standard. No special knowledge in working with the Chronically Disorganized is necessary.

Level II Hoarder

Household requires professional organizers or related professionals to have additional knowledge and understanding of Chronic Disorganization.

Level III Hoarder

Household may require services in addition to those a professional organizer and related professional can provide. Professional organizers and related professionals working with Level III households should have significant training in Chronic Disorganization and have developed a helpful community network of resources, especially mental health providers.

Level IV Hoarder

Household needs the help of a professional organizer and a coordinated team of service providers. Psychological, medical issues or financial hardships are generally involved. Resources will be necessary to bring a household to a functional level. These services may include pest control services, "crime scene cleaners," financial counseling and licensed contractors and handy persons.

Level V Hoarder

Household will require intervention from a wide range of agencies. Professional organizers should not venture directly into working solo with this type of household. The Level V household may be under the care of a conservator or be an inherited estate of a mentally ill individual. Assistance is needed from many sources. A team needs to be assembled. Members of the team should be identified before beginning additional work. These members may include social services and psychological/mental health representative (not applicable if inherited estate), conservator/trustee, building and zoning, fire and safety, landlord, legal aid and/or legal representatives. A written strategy needs to be outlined and contractual agreements made before proceeding.

DASH can help you or your loved one with any level.


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